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August 15, 2011

Volcon 1.7.1 released. More...

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March 19, 2011

Volcon 1.6.3 released.

March 5, 2011

Volcon 1.6.2 released.

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Volcon Features

Main Volcon features are:

Volume adjustment by means of mouse wheel or mouse buttons . Volcon allows to use mouse for volume adjustment. When you hold down Ctrl+Alt (by default) hot key you can roll mouse wheel up or down to increase or decrease volume level. Moreover, you can press Ctrl+Alt+Left Mouse Button to increase volume, Ctrl+Alt+Right Mouse Button to decrease volume and Ctrl+Alt+Middle Mouse Button to mute the sound.

Possibly, it is the main and the most frequently used function of the application.

Smooth volume adjustment by means of hot keys . Volcon allows to smoothly increase and decrease master volume. Just press Ctrl+Alt+Add hot key to slightly increase volume level or press Ctrl+Alt+Subtract hot key to slightly decrease volume level.

Setting volume by single press of hot key . In addition to smooth control of master volume, Volcon allows to set necessary volume level by only single press of hot key. Although this function doesn't allow to precisely set volume level, but very often, exactly this feature turns most convenient for setting master volume.

Sound muting. As expected, this feature allows to turn off or turn on the sound. After turning on the sound, the volume level always restores to its previous value.

On-Screen display. When master volume is changed (even if volume is changed by some other program) Volcon can show On-Screen display and can play sound.

System tray icon. Volcon can display icon in system tray, which allows to see current volume level. During change of the volume level the picture on the icon is also changing with accordance to the current level of master volume.

Hot key customization. Any hot key, which is used in Volcon can be changed to more suitable for you key sequence. In rare cases, hot keys customization is required when some key sequence, which was set by default, is already used by other application.

Visit Hot Key List web page to see all available hot keys used in Volcon.

Autorun when Windows Starts. Volcon works in the background mode and can automatically run at Windows startup. Due to this, all Volcon features are always easily accessible as though they are part of the standard operating system functionality.

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